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3000 Galaxio


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3000 Galaxio: Processing of very huge pieces by the hand!

The 3000 Galaxio was specially designed to process very huge parts such as building element, vehicule's or container's part, etc.

This machine can mill as well the softest as the hardest materials. Its exceptionnal dimensions make it possible to process an entire wall or a lot of smaller pieces in one time. In addition to this, the integration of a chain saw allows to cut very thick elements!

Technical data
Power 13,5 kW
Rotation speed 0-24.000 RPM
Adapter HSK F 63 ER32 -
Working length
X 12.000 mm
Y 3.000 mm
Z 1.000 mm
B °
C °
Overall dimensions
Weight 24.300 kg
Length 15.800 mm
Width 5.400 mm
Height 4.000 mm
X 75 m/min
Y 75 m/min
Z 30 m/min


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