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CNC 1200 Flexio 5 Axis


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1200 Flexio: The most polyvvalent machine for all carpentry !

This CNC machine in 5 axis is specially designed to intensively process massive wood.

This machine is foreseen to make stingers, steps, posts, handrails, wood panel, doors, windows ... and much more !

Thanks to its digital technology, it brings to the user a comfortable and a very simple ease of use !

The machining width of this machine is 1.500 mm with machining length of 6.000 mm

This New machine in 5 axis is very flexible for all  applications of wood ! 

Technical data
Power 11 kW
Rotation speed 0-20.000 RPM
Adapter HSK F 63 ER32 -
Working length
X 6.000 mm
Y 1.500 mm
Z 490 mm
B °
C °
Overall dimensions
Weight 9.845 kg
Length 8.800 mm
Width 3.900 mm
Height 2.400 mm
X 75 m/min
Y 75 m/min
Z 30 m/min


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